Journey Of Life

Are you ready to be the king of the island?


    About the Game!

Journey of life is a uniqe survival game with over 400 items and 15+ crafting stations. The story takes place on a tropical island somewhere in the pacific ocean. Being fed up with everyday chores and responisibilites you decide to take a journey of self discovery and decide to go on a tropical island. You are transported to the island by a local ship and left without any man made items or luxuries. When you land on the island, you must craft basic tools to progress. By using various workstations you make progress towards the end game goal which is to make a ship and sail back to civilization, or the next biome. Beware this island isn't an ordianry island, its filled with dangeorus animals and posinous plants. Grow your own food, craft traps for animals, hunt, adapt, overcome your fears and in the end be the king of the island. Whats a skilled craftsman withouth proper tools? In order to upgrade your tools you will need to mine, crush, smelt and cast your metals into casts which are used to craft better tools.
Journey Of Life

Key Features!


Tree Processing

Our tree processing system consists of chopping the tree down, and further choping it into 3 different models. A small woden block 1 m long log and 2 m long log. The logs are further processed into planks and gears using a sawmill.


Ore Processing

Our ore processing system is very complex and it uses various workstations to achieve the final goal of having a smelted ore.
You need to mine the ore, crush it and combine it with clay. Furthermore, smelt it, crush it again to get the nugget, and smelt the nugget again under a certaint temperature to cast it into desired mold.



Hunting system in our game consists of killing, skinning and harvesting killed animal.
Animals can be killed with various weapons such as bows, spears , knife or an axe with more weapons still in development along with traps. 


Animal AI

With this being a PvE style game we are very focused on realistic animal AI which we polish and try to improve daily. We currently have fish, bird, and land animal AI. Land animal AI is seperated into passive, agressive and tame animals. These different AI groups are responsible for animals' actions when seeing or hearing the player.  


Crafting Tools

As any classic survival game our game consists of crafting tools and workstations to process items. But we are pleased to say that only our game will feature 400+ items and 15+ workstations upon leaving early access.


Build & Upgrade Workstations

Our workstation building system is seperated into stages up to 5 per workstation. We also have the ability to upgrade said workstations to offer faster workflow and more crafting recipies.

Make sure to check out our wiki for all info about the game!

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